Enjoy every single day at Weisses Rößl

Good morning
Try our breakfast buffet that provides a rich variety of delicacies and start a new day full of energy to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

While having breakfast, you can read the "Morning Post" with useful tips to make your holiday more pleasant and active.

The host and chef Werner Germek and his creative team lead you into different culinary worlds.

Only regional products bought direct from the producers are the perfect ingredients for the traditional Austrian specialities which we serve to you in our own in-house restaurants.

We also charm you with some Mediterranean flair by offering you pizza, pasta and fish dishes prepared in the most refined way and for that reason the restaurant CAVALLO is a must.

In order to accompany this culinary feast our hostess Andrea Germek chooses carefully the right type of wine that comes from Austria or Italy or simply serves you with a fresh draught beer.

How you can spend the evening.
Create plans for the next day, make new contacts and enjoy the time spent with us.

Room request

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