Outdoor and Fun-Sports


in the Lammer area or Salzach - a completely unique experience.


For the connoisseurs, Kayaking is surely the most attractive sport to experience, the white foaming water offering a sense of both beauty and danger.
In case you want to learn this impressive sport that binds you closely to nature, we provide you with our best services and assistance.
A kayak course consists of basic skills learnt on a lake and only after these exercises you continue step by step in the white mountain water.
Even more, we give you the possibility to enrol in a half-day kayak course on the lake.
Whether you are a novice at this sport or an experienced paddler, our guides can give you valuable assistance on your tours.


Is the spectacular way of following the natural course of a river. An ideal beginner's tour takes you to Aubach in order to see the fabulous waterfalls. Not to forget about the gorges in Almbach, which are ones of the most spectacular in our region. This experience is not meant to be a walk in the park, but a means to encounter the obstacles and the force of nature, and also to discover its millenary heritage. Both for beginners and the more experienced the gorge at Almbach can be a great adventure.


Is also a good alternative to enjoy low-level rivers in summer. With the stable, inflatable tubes you  float  on the river Lammer. Mastering the waves can be very easy to learn, that is why it can be good fun.


You have the opportunity to practice this sport  also in summer.
On three wheels you can slide back in the valley having good fun.

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