Fun Sports


is the mild way to get to know the wonders of nature. Discover with our guides the forests deeply covered in snow and enjoy the game of the glittering snowflakes. We lead you into the most beautiful parts of our region far away from the pistes and the lift facilities.

Almost every piece of land can be reached with the snowshoes, as they are especially designed to prevent you from caving in the deep snow.

During the hiking tours you will discover a myriad of surprising nature games- from the spectacular winter landscape to the unique animal world-you will be amazed.


This sport is for the ones who prefer sledding down the mountain also letting themselves be fascinated by the feeling of carving.

Easy to learn, it is ideal for everyone.


Airboard is our newest offer!
Similar to a hydrospeed in summer, the airboard can move in the deep snow of the hillsides.

Lying on the inflatable airboard you can speed downhill - action and fun are waiting for you.

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